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Hello to you too!

echo "Hello World!"

Everything starts with this one line of code in software development business.

When we write a line of code, when we are unaware that it contains the whole system, we are ignorant enough to say that this job is very simple, and we learn that the software development business has such a depth that there is no end in every problem that gets deeper and deeper as we get involved, and while searching for solutions to these problems.

So what is this site for?

In this website, with the events that develop from printing a simple message on the screen to the installation of the servers in the datacenter, ensuring their security, from getting to the computer to running the application in front of the user, then the events that have developed including the support and development processes, the problems I encounter and to bring them to these problems. I will try to convey along with the solutions I have worked on. I’m happy if it helps someone.

Kind regards,
Yasin Karabulak